Would you like to play a leading role in the development phase of this World Heritage Site on Lake Lucerne? We need partners who help us make this project take off.


In this phase of development, we are particularly dependent on people and committees and institutional bodies who believe in us. As a cultural island, we are determined to unite cultural institutions in the Lucerne area, in Central Switzerland and beyond by means of educational projects focusing on music, education and art in the Villa Senar. Rachmaninoff’s Villa Senar and its cultural goods have an exclusive character in the world and offer the chance to rediscover the life and work of Sergei Rachmaninoff. His virtuosity, addictive endless melodies and the genius of his compositions captivate people. With us, you and your guests are at the artist’s home, sitting on his couch in the living room or enjoying the music comfortably on Rachmaninoff’s chaise longue. We offer partners the opportunity to integrate this storytelling, the richness of facets far beyond the world of classical music, into their communication and to deepen relationships. By means of a long-term communication and marketing concept, you will receive maximum exposure and make a decisive contribution to the preservation of this cultural heritage.

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