Take a seat on Rachmaninoff’s couch, at his desk or on the chaise longue. In Rachmaninoff’s studio with its Steinway grand piano, up to 35 people experience the music up close.


Would you like to play a formative role in the development phase of this cultural heritage site on Lake Lucerne? We need partners who help us make this project take off.

The Serge Rachmaninoff Foundation

Founded in 2000 by the grandson Alexander Rachmaninoff Conus, the Foundation’s mission is to make Sergei Rachmaninoff’s cultural legacy accessible in his Villa Senar. The nucleus of the concerts and projects is his work in the context of his vision, time and personality.

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Rachmaninoff's Villa Senar

The name Senar stands for the initials of the owner couple: “Se” stands for Sergei, “Na” for Natalia and “R” for Rachmaninoff. One of the greatest composers, conductors and pianists of the 20th century had this villa built in the Bauhaus style directly on Lake Lucerne and lived there as a summer residence from 1933 to 1939. A perfect, magical place with parkland, gardener’s house and boathouse. Sergei Rachmaninoff’s original Steinway grand piano stands ready to play in the studio. Its sound gives the house a special aura.

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“I am so profoundly affected by my visit to Villa Senar that any expressions of gratitude would fail to conform to the strength of my feelings.”

Lukas Genuisas, Vilnius, Litauen

«Moderner Name, Neues Bauen, das Werk der Architekten Alfred Möri und Karl Friedrich Krebs ist ein Schatz, das als Denkmal nationalen Ranges unter eidgenössischen Schutz gestellt wurde und womöglich bald den Weltkulturerbe zugesprochen bekommen könnte.»

Jan Brachmann, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

“What a thril to be back here!”

Daniil Trifonov, USA

“There is a uniqueness about the sound, which sets this special piano and recording in a class of it’s own. Another wordly, often bell-like qualitiy, the crescendo, building naturally to climaxes.”

David Nice, BBC music magazine

«Lukas Geniusas et Rachmaninoff, sans doute le disque le plus passionnant de cette année anniversaire.»

Serge Martin, Le soir

“My visit to Villa Senar felt so private that I had the impression I was visiting a dear friend at home.”

Doris Elsener

“My impression was absolutely positive, you brought Rachmaninoff back to life in his wonderful home with creative activities.”

Dagmar Staub

“One can visit many places where composers once lived, but this space is particularly special. It is here that Rachmaninoff created a haven for himself and his family.”

Jim Allison,


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World culture in the living room

Would you like to play a leading role in the development phase of this World Heritage Site on Lake Lucerne? We need partners who help us let the project take off.


Rachmaninoff’s Villa Senar and its cultural goods have an exclusive character in the world and offer a chance to rediscover the life and works of Sergei Rachmaninoff. His virtuosity, addictive endless melodies and the genius of the compositions captivate people. With us you sit on the couch with this star, breathe his air and be part of this oasis full of magic, tradition and modernity. We offer partners the opportunity to integrate this storytelling into their communication. We need people who believe in us and make our ideas fly.