The Foundation

The Serge Rachmaninoff Foundation
the Canton of Lucerne

Thanks to the commitment and dedication of the Serge Rachmaninoff Foundation, the issues related to the estate’s legacy were resolved in December 2021. The Canton of Lucerne purchased the property, which is a listed building. The canton is responsible for the renovation and maintenance of the villa and the surrounding parklands. The Serge Rachmaninoff Foundation and the Canton of Lucerne reached an agreement in April 2022:

The Serge Rachmaninoff Foundation is responsible for the curation, staging and programming of the Villa Senar Cultural and educational Centre from its own resources, without financial support from the Canton of Lucerne. Rachmaninoff’s Villa Senar sees itself as a networking and meeting zone with a certain freedom for the special, the new and the unique.

Mission statement

As an artists‘ house, Rachmaninoff’s Villa Senar offers a home for all generations and disciplines. Sergei Rachmaninoff was a family man and patron of the arts, uniting art and people in his home through his charisma, values and interests. These are also noticeable in the strategy of the Cultural and Educational Centre: music, education, architecture, art, literature, research & development, technology (mobility). The musical heritage of Sergei Rachmaninoff makes up the basis and the core.

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Board of Trustees

Urs Ziswiler

President of the Foundation Board *

Isabelle Chassot

Member of the Council of States, former Director of the Federal Office of Culture (FOC) and Cantonal Councillor of Fribourg

Hans Ambühl

former Secretary General of the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Culture. General Secretary of the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education, President of educationsuisse (Swiss schools abroad)

Valentin Gloor

Hochschule Luzern – Music

Andreas Wegelin


Gabriela Christen

President Lucerne Theatre

Dimitri Kushaev


Marcel Schwerzmann

Cantonal Councillor Lucerne

* Ausschuss des Stiftungsrates: Valentin Gloor, Urs Ziswiler, Hans Ambühl, Andreas Wegelin

Managing Director

Since June 2022, Andrea Loetscher has been the Managing Director of the Serge Rachmaninoff Foundation as well as artistic director of Rachmaninoff’s Villa Senar. She is a musician holding a teaching and a soloist diploma, a Master’s degree from the University of Basel in marketing and management, and is an entrepreneur and director of music schools. As such, she is well rooted locally and well connected nationally and internationally.

Contact Email: andrea.loetscher (at) Phone: +41 78 606 00 49